FAQs for ATS Close-Up Social Share Program-- Austin

The Rules and Regulations for ATS Close-Up are posted on the here.  Questions concerning the program may be answered below.  However, if the list of questions does not provide your answer, please email your question to atscloseup@gmail.com

(1) How do I register?  The process is outlined on the front page of here. You must be 21 years of age or older, you must be a Texas resident, and you need a valid email address.  You must be registered to participate in ATS Close Up.

(2) What Social Site platforms can I use?  If you opt in to share your social sites, you can choose up to three social platforms:  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Use the appropriate Hashtag with your post. #ATScloseupAUS in Austin.  No other social platforms are connected to ATS Close-Up.  And, for your entries to count, you must first be a registered participant.  NOTE:  Shares or Retweets or Reposts from anyone not registered will not count until a full registration has been recorded.  See Official Rules.

(3) How can I participate in the ATS Close-Up program every day?  There are several ways to participate daily, up to 10 entries per day, excluding Retweets and Reposts through May 31.  You can also earn 50 bonus entries when you take a photo of a specially marked ATS Close-Up Street Team vehicle stationed throughout the city until May 31.  Helpful hints:

(a) Use your personal Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to share a photo or message relating to the program and include the appropriate Hashtag (#ATScloseupAUS)
(b) Share one of the photos provided here
(c) Find a specially marked ATS Close-Up vehicle and use the QR code for that vehicle to share your photo (see Map Locator) for an additional 50 entries
(d) Tell your friends about the program in your social platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
(e) Follow us on Facebook to keep up with news and activity (http://tiny.cc/facebookAustinCadillac)
(f) Follow us on Twitter to keep up with news and activity (http://tiny.cc/TwitterAUSCadillac)
(g) Follow us on Instagram to find new photos (http://tiny.cc/instagramAusCadillac)
(h) Visit a Cadillac dealership in the city where they have specially marked ATS Close-Up vehicles onsite for and use the QR code for those vehicles to share your photo for an additional 50 entries.

(4) What if I don’t use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? If you are unfamiliar with these social sites, we invite you to go to their sites and learn more about them.  These are the three social sites connected to ATS Close-Up and you will need to Register and Share the secure connection to your personal social sites for your entries to be recorded.  (See Official Rules)

(5) How can my posts count towards an Entry?  Follow the Official Rules first and foremost.  You can share one of the photos provided on here via your personal Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account if you have agreed to share those social platforms upon registration.  One post will mean one Entry, up to 10 entries a day, excluding Retweets and Reposts.  Always use the appropriate Hashtag (#ATScloseupAUS for Austin).

(6) Do I have to include a Hashtag?  Yes, in order for your post, tweet, photo, share to count as an entry, you need to use the appropriate Hashtag:

(a) DFW:  #ATScloseupDFW
(b) Houston:  #ATScloseupHOU
(c) Austin:  #ATScloseupAUS

(7) What happens if I forget to use a Hashtag?  Without the Hashtag, your social post or social share will not be counted as an entry.

(8) Can I register multiple times in multiple cities with multiple emails?  That is not the intent of the program.  If you live in multiple cities, you can certainly participate in multiple cities; however your registration will be attached to one email address.  Only one entry will be counted per email registered.  You can earn up to 10 entries per day, excluding Retweets and Reposts.  We reserve the right to identify anyone who is violating the rules or abusing the program and terminate participation.

(9) How can I find the ATS Close-Up Street Team locations?  Use our Map Locator powered by Google Maps.  The map will be updated in real time.  All specially marked cars will be moved around the cities and you have one opportunity per day to earn 50 bonus entries by taking a photo of the car and using the QR code on that car to share or post your photo.  Always use the appropriate Hashtag for your city.

(10) What if I don’t want to share any photos or take any photos, can I still enter the program and participate?  Yes, one registration per valid email address. However, the intent of the program is to share your photos and your posts.  Follow the Official Rules to earn additional entries.

(11) Will my personal information by protected?  Absolutely!  We follow strict guidelines on the privacy of your information.  (Privacy Policy).  We follow all stipulated internet laws and guidelines.  If you opt in to participate, your privacy will be protected according to your opt in request.  If you opt in to receive email communications on the program, you will receive weekly updates on the program.  If at any time you wish to opt out, you can follow the instructions at the bottom of the email.  If you opt in to share your social sites upon registrations, all rules and policy guidelines for those social sites and apps will be strictly adhered to.  If you wish to opt out of the ATS Close-Up Program at any time, simply email atscloseup@gmail.com.

(12) How will I know if I won the car?  All winners will be notified via email once the random drawings take place as outlined in the Official Rules.  Offer ends May 31, 2013.

(13) Can I continue to participate if I won the car?  We encourage you to let everyone know you are a new 2013 Cadillac ATS owner, winner of the North American Car of the Year! However, your entries will not continue to count towards the next drawings.  Sorry, only one winning vehicle per email address.  In no case will more than one car be awarded to an individual participant even though they have used different email addresses.

(14) What if I notice my social posts are not being recorded?  All entries are recorded in real time.  You can see how many entries you have by logging back in on www.atscloseup.com  Up to 10 entries will be recorded each day, excluding Retweets and Reposts.  You can earn 50 bonus entries by finding a specially markets ATS Close-Up Street Team vehicle and using the QR code for that car to share your photo of that car on that day.  See Official Rules.  If you do not see your Entries, please send a message to our technical services at closeuptechhelp@gmail.com

(15) What happens if I forgot my log in?  You can email our technical services at closeuptechhelp@gmail.com

(16) What happens if I change my email midstream?  We recommend using an email address that you know you will have through June 30, 2013.  If for some reason your email changes, you will need to re-register with your new email.  For your previous entries to count, email our technical services at closeuptechhelp@gmail.com

(17) Can I use someone’s mobile device to share my social post?  If you are logged in from any mobile device to www.atscloseup.com, and you are a registered participant, and you use the appropriate Hashtag, your post will be counted as an entry.  If you are not logged in, your social post will not be recorded.  But, if the owner of the mobile device is inadvertently logged in as a registered participant, it is possible that the entry is counted towards their account!

(18) Can I retweet or repost?  You are encouraged to retweet or repost any ATS Close-Up message to keep the conversation going.  However, it will not be counted as an entry.

(19) What if I want to Report Abuse of the program? We do not condone any abuse of this program.  And we reserve the right to terminate the participation of any registered participant who does abuse the program with excessive posting through automation, with sexually explicit posting, with threatening or bullying of any kind, with lewd, rude, or racially inappropriate language.  It’s not cool.  So don’t do it.  If you wish to report abuse, please send an email to atscloseup@gmail.com.  Any violation of the law or abuse of the social platforms, please understand that those social platforms will interrupt your conversation and possibly ban you from their sites.  We are not responsible if such action occurs.

(20) What if I already own a Cadillac ATS or any other Cadillac, can I still participate?  We encourage anyone to participate in ATS Close-Up.  The purpose is to have fun getting the word out on the new Cadillac ATS.  If you have one, all the more reason.  If you own a different Cadillac, we consider you a loyal customer.  The same Official Rules apply.  No extra entries if you already own one, but we do appreciate your loyalty.

(21) What if I can’t find the ATS Close-Up Street Team at the location indicated on the Locator Map? Check back daily, our Street Team will be moving around due to weather and traffic factors.  You never know where we may show up! But, we will map it out in real time on our Map Locator.

(22) What if I post before I register? The only way for an entry in ATS Close-Up to be recorded is if you are registered in advance we have no way to accommodate “retro” posts and shares.

(23) What if I live outside Texas? Unfortunately, this program is only available and active in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Houston, and Austin.  While you are not required to live in those cities to participate (ie college students), the Street Team is only active in those cities.  You must be a Texas resident to be eligible to win the Cadillac ATS.

(24) What if I am in the process of buying a Cadillac ATS?  We appreciate your business!  We welcome you to participate and encourage you to tell your friends.  Part of owning a Cadillac is pride of ownership!  Be sure to register and follow the Official Rules.  No extra entries will be given for owning a Cadillac, sorry.

(25) More questions? We tried to think of everything, but unlike some other FAQ systems, we are happy to answer any questions live.  Send an email to atscloseup@gmail.com and we will answer you directly.